The Assassin Clans and Guilds of Peonth

There are three long standing clans of assassins:

  1. Clan: Order of the Black Star- Currently there is only one surviving member of this clan, Jack Payne (24 orphans being trained as the new generation)
  2. Clan: Satsujinsha – Assassin clan, Humans.
  3. Clan: Ventaris – Assassin Clan, various groups of Planetouched.

There are five assassin guilds in the world of Peonth.

  1. The Black and Crimson Eyes: Former members of Satsujinsha broke away after losing a bid for control of the Clan.
  2. The Order of the Silver Blade- Newest of the guilds. Mixed lot, human, etc
  3. Guider of the Hand – Newest Guild. Former thieves turned assassins, mixed lot.# Thieves of Breath- Older guild. Mostly human members,magic using assassins. # The Blades of Sog’ Arth- Mostly non-human assassins guild.

The Assassin Clans and Guilds of Peonth

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