Barbarian Half-Orc *eyebrow-waggle*


Grunk is not the smartest person in Horax but he’s pretty smart for a half orc! Grunk’s favored weapon is an axe but he’s been known to use pretty much whatever is available.
Grunk and his full Orc brothers, Gronk and Grink, have been sent out from their clan to prove themselves. They are only to return once they think they can challenge and kill their father, Grank. This will earn them the position of Chief.

Grunk was given an intelligent weapon during his travels. This weapon could shape shift to any one handed weapon, cast heal spells and spoke many languages. The weapon was a woman named Venicka. Grunk took it upon himself to free her from her weapon prison. Eventually he found a way to keep her in her human form. Soon Grunk and Venicka became engaged and they now own a house in Horax.


Grunk is the Son of the Orc Chief Grank. His human mother died giving birth to him, this is considered the sign of a great warrior in Orc culture. Grank, while smaller than his full Orc brethren, was an excellent fighter. However Grunk became very board with the daily grind and soon left the clan in search of something more interesting and glory of his own. Grank, thinking this was a good idea, also sent Grunk’s brothers Gronk and Grink out to seek their own fortune.

Grunk found the small town of Horax and met a strange group of people and began adventuring with them. He eventually met his betrothed (Venicka, formerly an intelligent axe that Grunk used as his primary weapon). They live in Horax together where Grunk is now the captain of what passes for the guard in Horax.


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