The Everking

The endless king, The everking


The Everking, King.

He lead his army to victory in the Grand Leagant Wars, unifying the grand city-states of Peonth ( pronounced Pay-on-th). HIs name was Victor Dakor, and he was the first king of Peonth

Those who knew him said he was always a honest, fair and kind man. He was a relentless warrior on the battlefield, but made his men to care for the wounded whether friend or foe. It was said that those he captured would be moved by his words and actions to join him.

After the war he took a wife, Margot Helwehm. She bore him two sons, twins, Dakon and Malkus, she passed during child birth. two years after her death, He Took a second wife Monnett Felore, She too passed during childbirth, bearing him only a daughter, Thelona. After Monnett’s death, he never took another queen.

King Dakor ruled for 70 years after the war, until one day, he divide rule amongst his three children: giving them control of equal portions of the kingdom. The day after dividing his rule, his guard found his bed chamber empty with only a letter saying he was heading to the great northern island to live out the remainder of his life.

Ten years to the day of his disappearance, his grand child were on the battlefield ready to go to war for control of the lands once more. Right at the moment the armies began to charge there was a bright flash of light and a thunderous boom, standing in the center of the battle field was King Dakor, in full battle regalia. All could hear him as he stated “So long as I remain here on Peonth, none shall rule above me, but all of my lineage shall share rule equally.”

From that day forward, King Dakor was know as the Everking. There are many names for him: the Everking, the dead king, the no life king. He has appeared many times to intervene in battles between those who would want to rule. And there are those who say that they have been in his majesty’s very presence in his great citadel on the great island of the north.

" He is ever watching, the no life king. None dare challenge his true rule, the dead king, the Everking"


The Everking

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